grimes county courthouse

Grimes County Courthouse

Welcome to the home page for the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the Cooperative Extension Program in Grimes County.

Extension programs educate Texans in the areas of agriculture, environmental stewardship, youth and adult life skills, human capital and leadership, and community economic development and offers the knowledge resources of the land-grant university system to educate Grimes County residents for self-improvement, individual action and community problem solving. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension is a statewide educational agency and a member of the Texas A&M University System (TAMUS), linked in a unique partnership with the nationwide Cooperative Extension System and Texas county governments.

AgriLife Extension values and promotes principles of citizen and community involvement, scientifically-based education, lifelong learning, and volunteerism. It provides access to all citizens and works cooperatively with other TAMUS parts, county departments, and external agencies and organizations to achieve its goals.

Grimes County – The Land of Milk and Honey In 1821, the first settlers moved into what is now Grimes County. In the days of the republic of Texas, Grimes County was actually the western part of Montgomery County. In 1846, the people of that section petitioned that a new county be created. They asked that the County be named Grimes County in honor of Jessie Grimes, who was at that time serving as a Senator for Montgomery County. Soon after, the petition was granted and the county was created on April 6, 1846. After much debate, Anderson, Texas was chosen to be the county seat of Grimes County. Because of its once flourishing dairy industry and two famous bee and honey establishments, Grimes County came to be known as the Land of Milk and honey. Although Grimes County is small, the recreational needs of its citizens are met in a variety of ways. There are 3 golf courses, eight tennis courts, two swimming pools, and three lighted softball fields. There is a city park with a small golf course, softball fields, and tennis courts. Washington on the Brazos state park is also near the county. Grimes County is home to five major festivals, including Go Texan Days, Texas Trek, Navasota Nostalgia Days, Texian Days, and Richards Founders Day. Grimes County population ranks 103rd out of 254 counties in Texas. Grimes county boasts a population of over 23,000. The trend in population has seen male slightly outnumber female, with individuals 18-64 Anglo (13,690), black (5,350) and Hispanic (3,370). The largest industries in Grimes County include durable goods manufacturing, 34% of earnings; state and local government, 20.7%; and services, 17.1%. Many of the priorities in Grimes County include building a strong educational system and developing stronger economy that will prepare its citizens for the 21st century.


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